8 Best Gym with Personal Trainers

8 Best Gym with Personal Trainers

Gyms can offer a wide range of services. Some of them are useful for any type of person, whereas some others are not suitable for everyone. That is where personal trainers can help.

Your body is different than that of others. Hence, the attention your body needs will be different from what others need. Only a personal trainer can help you practice according to your specific needs. That is why we have gathered 8 best gyms with personal trainers that can help with your specific need. Here are some more best gyms in Singapore.

1. Avante Gym Yoga

Avante Gym Yoga is exceptional in the sense that it has space for both gym & yoga. From starting its journey in the hands of Miss Diana Loh and Edwin Teo in 2008, Avante Gym Yoga has come a long way. While Diana Loh is a yoga practitioner, Edwin Teo had decades of experience in personal training, and also had the experience of running a mega gym in Singapore. And with their experience together, they have managed to bring Avante Gym Yoga to the top of our list. More interestingly, it offers more than just yoga and gym. And as for the pricing, there are multiple packages, from which you can choose from. Finally, if you are a personal trainer yourself, Avante gym yoga can offer you space so you can bring your clients to train.

2. Level

Level is an international-grade gym that comprises of a number of world-class personal trainers. While most gyms are commonly known for their effort in body transformation, Level is different. The studio mainly focuses on consistent training rather than extreme effort. As a result, the clients are risk-free of any injury. You can train at Level solo or even with your friends or a group of people. Even if you don’t want to come to their studio, you can train at home with Level’s online programs. Most importantly, you won’t get such a high number of expert trainers anywhere else. And finally, there are two locations of Level in Singapore, which is not very common for many a best gym with personal trainers.

3. Lucas Lim

Lucas Lim is a well-known personal trainer in Singapore, mostly known for founding FITLUC gym, which is also in this list. Having an honors degree in Sports Science and Management made him a great choice as personal trainer for many practitioners. Also, Lim is an NCSF certified trainer, which makes him highly trustworthy when it comes to health and fitness. He has helped many content creators, actors and actresses, and many more with their fitness goals. And as for the rest, he founded FITLUC, a world-class gym in Singapore. No wonder why he as an individual made our list of the best gym with personal trainers.

4. Genesis Gym

Genesis Gym

Genesis means the beginning, the start. And that is what Genesis Gym offers to people who are in their 40s and 30s, to start afresh. The program highly evaluates the probable health risks and then offers a relevant healthy fitness plan. Even after this careful planning system, the program helps to reach the goal slowly so that it does not affect the individual’s health in any way. Nevertheless, they have program for people under 30, as well. This differentiation based on the age range and demand helps people to find comfort in their own range of people.

5. SmartFit

The first thing you must mention about SmartFit is their small groups. SmartFit offers private sessions that the customers can attend individually or as duos. Even if the number is larger, a small group won’t have more than 6 people in it. Then comes the decoration of SmartFit’s studio. It is so well-decorated that you will have peace of mind training here. Another best thing about SmartFit is the pre-training discussion. The experts discuss about the outcomes that their customers want in this pre-training assessment. A postural assessment is also held beforehand. After these assessments, the trainer can create personalized programs for specific individuals, shaping their way into their goals.

6. Fitness Tutor

Fitness-Tutor is basically designed for people over 30 years who did not have adequate workout in the past. As the owner of the gym has a physiology background, the gym tends to offer science-based workout approaches. The studio offers individual training and even semi-private programs. The specialty of these semi-private programs is that the budget is within reach while getting the personalized training. Another specialty is that the studio is pet friendly. So no worries of leaving your pet behind at home.

7. Unreal Personal Training

While having the look of a luxury studio, Unreal serves clients from different ranges of budgets with their 3-tier program. As the name holds, all of their packages include a personal trainer. The dedicated trainer will help the customer with his or her customized nutrition and workout plan. The studio also offers online programs besides their top-notch in-studio sessions. If you can spend a little more, you can also join the premium package, where you will have access to partner gyms, in-house supplements and group classes. Regardless of being a bit expensive, the modern facilities at the studio will have to get you.  


A gym that has facilities for people from different age ranges must be in our list of the best gym with personal trainers. Hence comes FITLUC, offering clients from 13 years old to 84 years. Like all other gyms in the list, FITLUC also offers training with personal trainers. However, an even bigger advantage is that they respond to house exercise calls, one-to-one live sessions, both online and offline, both in-house and in their gym studio. Also, their collaboration with a renowned medical center makes them trustworthy in terms of health plans. And finally, you can book trial sessions for a lesser amount before you go for a long-time subscription.

Training under the supervision of a personal trainer has its own perks. They will help you determine your goal while helping you to reach that goal at the same time.