8 Best Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Singapore

8 Best Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Singapore

Lymphatic drainage and lymphatic system are integral parts of our physiological system. To keep our body in its best shape, especially in times of fighting foreign bodies during diseased condition, lymphatic system plays the most vital role. That is why lymphatic drainage massage every once in a while, can improve your immune system.

Here are 8 of the best of places where you can get a lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore.

1. Avante Body and Wellness

Avante offers a wide range of services across Singapore, including gym, yoga, and even lymphatic drainage massage. It has a specialized massage program named Avante Signature Detox Lymphatic Drainage Facial. The program brings quite some benefits. Some of them are brightening complexity, lightening pigmentation, reducing wrinkles, and so on. This facial massage will not only relax your body and mind but also will give you a boost in your body’s disease fighting mechanism. That being said, if you have any kind of joint pain or nerve issues, the massage can resolve that, too.

best lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore
best lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore

2. Syoujin

Syoujin is well-known for its combination between Japanese culture in service delivery and Chinese Traditional Medicine. Unlike regular medicine, Chinese medicine works from inside your psychological system to fight the diseases in your body. Syoujin follows the same rule in terms of lymphatic drainage massage. By improving lymphatic drainage in your body, it helps to boost up the immune system so that your body can fight better in diseased conditions. Syoujin has outlets all across the country to offer their wide range of services with the motto of relaxing, reviving and rejuvenating the customers.

3. Coslab

There are many spa or massage houses that offer facial massages. But when it comes to full-body lymphatic massage, only a few can compete with Coslab. Coslab is not only a massage house, but also a skincare line while ensuring professional treatment services, including different types of facial massages, full body Javanese lymphatic massages, and so on.

The full-body Javanese lymphatic massage is the signature service of Coslab. Besides the full-body massage, you can get gua sha, cupping treatment, and/or hot stone treatment, which can help you further get relieved from tension, pain, and blockages.

If you are looking for the best facial in Singapore, check out these places.

4. Healing Touch

Healing Touch spa is the next lymphatic drainage massage center in our list. The massage house offers MLD, that stands for Manual Lymphatic Drainage. It is a specialized type of massage where the therapist makes the best use of different specialized movements combining with gentle pumping movements. The massage helps with a wide range of things.

Firstly, it is proven to be helpful in post-operative healing. Secondly, it reduces joint and nerve pains. Next, it can clear congestions, reduce scar tissue, and many more. Furthermore, people with sinus problems, migraine, arthritis, and other common diseased conditions have found solutions to their issues with MLD, offered by Healing Touch spa.

5. Heart Springs Spa

A working week can deviate your mind and body from the wellness it deserves. Only a special treatment of health and well-being can bring you back to your perfect wellness. Health Spring Spa tends to help you with that with their different ranges of professional services. Some of these services are TCM treatment, full-body massage, lymphatic slim, skin care, and so on.

With the motivation of providing natural therapies, Hear Springs started its journey in 2002. Since then, the spa house has increased its range of services as well as improved the quality. And now, you are looking at a world-class spa house here at the heart of Singapore.

6. Kenko Wellness

What makes a professional service provider stand out from the crowd is what they do differently. And Kenko Wellness spa specialized in it with their customized approach to each customer. One of the such stand-out services that the spa house offers is the Lymph Detoxifying Massage. And when combined with the therapeutic massage, it is an out-of-the-world experience.

You can have 80-minute or 120-minute sessions based on your demand. Even if you are not interested in a full-body massage, the acupuncture treatment will have you relaxed from the tensed muscles. And most importantly, with the motto of rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul, Kenko Wellness has a lot more to offer that you can try any time.

7. Lynn Aesthetic

When it comes to professional services, Lynn Aesthetic has a wide range of services to offer. From facial therapies to full-body massage and therapeutic treatment to lymphatic slimming, Lynn Aesthetic has it all. Not only that, Lynn Aesthetic has a product line for your beautification purposes as well. From cleanser, toner, to serum and mask, Lynn Aesthetic offers all of it.

The spa house is designed in a such a way that your time here will relieve all the tension you have gotten form your work week-long. And if you are looking for a top-notch massaging service, you can always try their Tranquility Lymphatic Drainage Body Massage. Little pressure combined with gentle, rhythmic strokes make it special when it comes to removing the extra lymph fluid from you body.

8. Cosmo Medical Aesthetic Spa

As the name beholds, the spa house is well-known for its medical-like treatments. Cosmo Medical Aesthetic Spa offers a wide range of services, not all of which are even massaging treatments. Some services of the spa house unlike any previous one is laser hair removal, thavma lifting facial, etc. And in terms of body massage, Cosmo has something different to offer- pre-natal and post-natal massage. Surely, it is a great relief for mums with pre and postpartum needs. And then, there are the other top-notch services as well, including slimming treatment, facial treatment, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Our day-to-day life may get quite boring and tiresome for all the workload we have to go through. A single day at the spa or simply a single session can break us free from that monotonous environment. Hopefully, this listicle of the best lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore can help you with that. If you are looking for the best beauty salons in Singapore, here are some suggestions.