Singapore River Cruise

Singapore River Cruise Night Clarke Quay

Enjoy the historic part of Singapore while taking a relaxing ride on the Singapore River Cruise. Heritage homes. The cityscape of the CBD. The Marina Bay skyline is magnificent. The bridges are charmingly illuminated. Riverfront restaurants and bars offer a vibrant scene. Simply let your instructor talk you through how everything is connected. History of … Read more

Changi Boardwalk

Changi Boardwalk Trail

We are blessed to have nature only a stone’s throw away, and it is wonderful to be able to enjoy some peace and quiet in Singapore. It’s always pleasant to take a pause at locations that bring us closer to Mother Nature. Visit Changi Boardwalk, a beautiful walkway in the East where you may relax … Read more

Chinatown Complex: The Cultural Heartbeat of Chinatown

The Chinatown Complex, Chinatown Smith Street The Chinatown Complex at Blk 335, Smith Street is one of the few hawker centres in Singapore to have maintained its authenticity. The exterior of the building may appear unassuming, but it is a vibrant heart of activity and activity on the inside. Chinatown Complex is a mishmash of … Read more

The Heart And Sole Of Cobbler Square

Street Cobbler in Singapore – The Disappearing Trade, cobbler square. Outside People’s Park Complex, a line of mostly elderly cobblers huddled over in their makeshift booths, protected from the sun and rain by only foldable umbrellas. This tiny hamlet has transformed it into a Cobber Square of sorts. While the number of sidewalk cobblers in … Read more

The Singapore Cat

When you think of Singaporean icons, the following things come to mind: Chicken Rice is as popular as Katong Laksa. To some, Chicken Rice is as iconic as Katong Laksa. It’s also conceivable that the Singapore Zoo, Lion City Tower, or numerous other attractions are what attract them. Places like Bukit Brown Cemetery or Joo … Read more

The Original Bugis Street

Unforgotten Moments – Bugis Street History There are two Bugis Streets in Singapore. One is a semi-air conditioned shopping mecca with three levels of bazaar stalls selling apparel, beauty services, and food. The third is hidden beneath the concrete blocks of Bugis Junction, which were removed from our street directory in the late 1980s and … Read more

Void Decks In Singapore

Saddened by ‘slow death’ Singapore Void Decks Many Singaporeans moved from squatter settlements and villages to the Housing Development Board’s first high-rise flats in the 1960s. The devastating Bukit Ho Swee fire of 1961, which killed 16,000 people and destroyed an entire neighbourhood in Singapore’s Chinatown, persuaded many that the HDB flat was a more … Read more