Changi Boardwalk

Changi Boardwalk Trail

Changi Boardwalk

We are blessed to have nature only a stone’s throw away, and it is wonderful to be able to enjoy some peace and quiet in Singapore. It’s always pleasant to take a pause at locations that bring us closer to Mother Nature. Visit Changi Boardwalk, a beautiful walkway in the East where you may relax with a lovely stroll along the beach. With unobstructed views of the sea, go to Changi Boardwalk, an exquisite gem in the East.

Changi point boardwalk

Changi Point Boardwalk
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The 2.2 kilometres-long Changi boardwalk has six different sections, beginning with Creek Walk, where you’ll see vessels and ferries heading to Singapore’s offshore islands. At low tide, you may come across sea creatures such as sea stars and crabs, as well as flora like Sea Hibiscuses.

Changi East boardwalk

The Beach Walk, which begins near the main entrance at Changi Village and extends to Pulau Tekong through a forested walkway, provides panoramic views of Singapore’s famous beach. The Cliff Walk is the shortest and most secluded walk-in, although as you’ll see from these photos, it’s anything but simple. From this vantage point, you may see anchored boats from a hilltop along with the Sailing Point Walk.

For the highlights, continue walking till you reach its stunning natural beauty – a 15-minute walk from Sunset Beach Resort. Take in astounding sights such as the limestone karst formations. At 7:12 PM, the sun sets at Changi Beach, so arrive early to see it.

The boardwalk is well-lit at night, and you may watch the lights from across the water on the Punggol Housing Estate. After walking along, go to some ulu romantic restaurants nearby such as Changi Sailing Club to wind down with a nice dinner.

Changi boardwalk how to get there and Parking

Take the MRT Green Line to Tanah Merah Station, where you will take Bus 2 and alight at Blk 5 for 4 minutes. Alternatively, take the MRT Green Line to Tampines (DT31 | EW2), get off at Tampines East CC, and catch Bus 59.

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