7 Fun Things To Do At Clarke Quay Singapore

Things to do at clarke quay singapore

7 Fun Things To Do At Clarke Quay Singapore

The finest sights in Clarke Quay give visitors a wide range of different activities to do, with no emphasis on nighttime entertainment. The area has a lot more to offer than just breathtaking waterfront restaurants and an exciting variety of bars and clubs, as Clarke Quay is well-known for.

Around Clarke Quay, the top-rated activities are all within walking distance of MRT stations, and our carefully chosen list features a variety of family-friendly activities and cultural visits that work well for daytime hours.

Other than its lively night scene, Clarke Quay Singapore also has a number of exciting things to do at Clarke Quay

1. The G Max Reverse Bungy’s Flyover Clarke Quay Singapore is one of the highlights.

g 5 max reverse bungy Singapore clarke quay
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  • There are no ways to get off the rope. Simply sit in a cage-like pod and tie up to bungee over the G Max Reverse Bungy. Then the mechanics take over, and you’re launched 60 meters into Clarke Quay Singapore at speeds of up to 200 kilometres per hour.

The G5 Extreme Swinger, on the other hand, is said to be less frightening. Which swings you like a huge pendulum over the Singapore River. And adds a few minutes to your agony.

2. At the School of Hard Knocks, you may create your own pewter-ware.

  • The first stage in the process is to form a disc of pewter (tin, copper, and antimony) using a master pewtersmith’s technique. Then you follow the instructions of a master pewtersmith to hammer the metal into a work of art. You’ll walk out with your own towel creation, a certificate, and a souvenir coin. If you don’t wish to participate in this session, you may purchase some amazing products from the adjacent retail area.

3. At Bar Cocoon, sip vodka at the -15°C Ice Palace.

  • All of the furniture is constructed of ice. Only vodka is served since the temperatures are so low. To stay in this position, you must don a distinct fur jacket and gloves. If this sounds appealing to you, go over to Bar Cocoon’s Ice Bar and try the different varieties of 42 Below vodka.

4. Gaze at the ‘UFOs’ that float over Singapore’s Clarke Quay!

  • Isn’t there a catch? But head to the spacious field near Riverside Point on a Friday or Saturday night. In the dark sky, look up and watch them perform flips and somersaults. These brightly illuminated flying objects are, in fact, remote-controlled kites. Contact Go Fly Kite to get one for yourself or learn about the next flight.

5. Take a river taxi to Merlion Park and begin an exploration of the River.

Singapore River Cruise Night Clarke Quay
Source: Visit Singapore
  • The best time to start a Singapore River cruise from Clarke Quay is at night when the city’s lights come on. However, river cruises ply the River as well. Taking a Singapore river cruise – for example, from Liang Court to Merlion Park – and doing a Singapore River Walking Tour back in the other direction is one way

6. Enjoy the food, the breeze, and the views at a riverside restaurant.

Clarke Quay Singapore’s cuisine is extremely cosmopolitan. Here are a few examples of how the restaurant mix might be both tasty and beautiful…

  • The Quayside Seafood Restaurant serves some of the finest local seafood cuisine, including Singapore Chilli Crab, in York. Renn Thai is a spicy curry that contains all of the flavour, aroma, and heat you desire without sacrificing nutrition or health. It’s just as flavorful, aromatic, and hot as Renn Thai – in fact, it’s even more so since it stands up to your spice level. The Spanish-themed Tapas Tree, with its performers serenading you in the restaurant and lounge spaces, is also enjoyable. Then there’s Hooters, where the curvaceous tanktop-and-shorts waitresses may divert your attention away from your meal or company.

7. Parties can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re out with your friends. There are several clubs where you may party the night away.

Clarke Quay is Singapore’s Party Central, even if it isn’t officially recognized.

There will be plenty of things to do, from live performances and DJs to dance floors and private lounges.

  • The first consideration is the international celebrities, who are now coming more frequently. Kris Allen, for example, was a contestant on American Idol 2009 – and he just kicked up a frenzy at Zirca Mega Club. Then there are the regular live shows with their own devoted fans, such as William Scorpion of Mandopop fame at China Dolly.

Attica is a popular hotspot for young people who like to dance the night away. Alternatively, they may simply lounge and watch the action at its lounge and VIP sections.

If you just want to relax alone with friends, go check out the Singapore Sling Boutique’s alfresco area, which is said to provide a better version of our national cocktail than the Raffles Hotel. Do explore Clarke Quay Singapore; there’s much more to see…