Desaru Ostrich Farm

Desaru Ostrich Farm

Desaru Ostrich Farm

My day was made brighter after my trip to the Desaru Ostrich Farm. It was partly because I had never seen a real ostrich before. Ostriches, on the other hand, make me laugh – when they look intently and comically at your face, they resemble humans.

My visit was also very instructive – thanks to my ostrich guide, Joyce. She is so knowledgable that I hereby declare her the ‘Walking Encyclopedia of Ostrich Information.’

I was most interested in her explanation of why there are seven Treasures in an Ostrich, which I learnt from her. To be sure, every element (and I mean EVERY part) of an ostrich is beneficial to humans. So, here’s a rundown of what all the seven wonders are…

Baby Ostrich at Desaru Ostrich Farm
Source: Desaru Ostrich Farm

The Famous Ostrich Farm in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia


EMR 15, Teluk Ramunia, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia

The 7 Jewels of an Ostrich

The Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich feathers are excellent for making computer dusters. Ostrich feathers, unlike other feathers, are anti-static and do not collect dust.

The Hide

Ostrich skin can be used to create a variety of goods. It may be dyed in any color and tanned into leather, making it a valuable commodity. Bags, pouches, wall-hangs, and other items are all made from it.

Ostrich Fats

This layer is located just beneath the skin. It is eventually transformed into ointments. Helps to relieve everything from skin diseases to headaches, as well as other aches and pains.

Ostrich Meat

It’s like a cross between beef and chicken. It’s more delicate and apparently healthier than beef.

Ostrich Bones and Tendons

Green beans, like other vegetables, are eaten raw and cooked. They’re also used to make stocks and soups. They’re frozen or canned for later use in sauces or stews.

Ostrich Eggs

One ostrich egg contains the same volume as 24 chicken eggs. The shell is also ideal for making attractive lampshades once you’ve removed the white and yolk from the interior. Visit the farm’s souvenir shop to see beautifully painted ostrich eggshells.

Ostrich as Pets

A pair of newly-hatched chicks will cost you around RM600 (RM300 each). A pair of females may lay 120 eggs a year on average (2 X 60 eggs each) – enough to fill your egg supply for the whole year!

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