Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm

Kota Tinggi Crocodile farm

Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm

Kota tinggi crocodile farm teluk sengat

Kota Tinggi is a small town located in the southernmost part of Johor, Malaysia. It’s just an hour’s drive from Johor Bahru and minutes away from Singapore by car. The Kota Tinggi crocodile farm is a popular place to visit for tourists who are either staying in Kuala Lumpur or Kuching. In this article, we’ll explore some of Kota Tinggi crocodile farms’ highlights and tips for visitors.

How to get to Kota Tinggi Crocodile farm Teluk sent

  • Teluk Sengat Village, off Highway 92 between Kota Tinggi and Sungei Rengit.
  • Approximately 30 minutes’ drive from Kota Tinggi Town.
  • An hours drive from JB
  • Website

Mr Ng actually invited me to this marshy region to shoot what he refers to as a “defining moment.” Well, I half-trusted him. I made sure the exit was accessible and mentally planned how I’d respond if the crocodile got too close.

Ha, ha. I got myself into trouble. They weren’t interested in biting me. I suppose human flesh is insignificant next to the three-to-four day feed they get every few weeks. Each adult crocodile at the Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm gets approximately five chickens each week. There are also ‘tidbits’ – fish and other small seafood – on occasion.

But I’m happy to report that the park is still open. (However, I discovered that crocodiles do not eat on a daily basis. They may go without food for weeks at a time!)

The pond you see above was formed in a marsh. When Mr Ng’s grandfather established the farm, the fencing was simply boarded and wire-mesh erected around marshes. I’m guessing their neighbours didn’t get much sleep…

The 130-Year-Old Crocodile in the Farm

Kota Tinggi Crocodile Farm - A 130-year-old crocodile.
Source: Tripadvisor

But there has been no crocodile attack in three generations. Mr Ng inherited several crocodiles from his father and grandfather, including this toothless 130-year-old senior citizen.

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