Top 23 Best Wedding Photographer in Singapore

best wedding photographer

Top 23 Best Wedding Photographer in Singapore

Have you been seeking the best wedding photographer in Singapore? The wait is finally over.

Almost everyone wishes to preserve the best moments of their life in the form that can be accessed in the near future. The efficient answer for that is Photographs.

Now talking about the best moments, a wedding is something that grabs the central portion, at least for many. It is the reason you’ll find people all around the globe seeking the best photographers nearby. Sadly, things get a little complicated, mostly because of the bulk availability. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted. Post days of research, we’re here with the best wedding photographer in Singapore who can serve all your requirements and help keep the memories young for good.

Best Wedding Photographers in Singapore

1. The Good Citizen

Kicking off our list of best wedding photographer in Singapore, we’ve got Timothy from “The Good Citizen.”. The Good Citizen is home to a professional who knows the importance of your wedding day. He knows what every couple is after and ensures the capture game is concluded in the best possible manner. Trust us when we say that all your precious moments are in the safe hands when you opt to offer “The Good Citizen” the responsibility of picturing and preserving your wedding day.

When it’s your wedding, photography doesn’t come alone. Instead, the wish to look the best version of yourself is pretty obvious. In case you need help with that, check the list of best beauty salons and barbers in Singapore and book an appointment.

Contact Details:
  • Ph: +65 8100 7936
Working Hours:
  • Monday – Friday: 10 am – 8 pm

2. John Lim Photography

John Lim Photography Best Wedding Photographer in Singapore
Credits: John Lim Photography

Are you looking for awe-inspiring photos that can not only leave a splendid impression on you but can also impress others around? Then you get to know about John Lim Photography  A group of globetrotting photographers who’ve gained the level of popularity and reputation all because of the quality they produce each and every time they gear up for a wedding shoot. From awards to fantastic reviews, John Lim Photography has a family of a number of happy clients. The best wedding photographer in Singapore for some reason.

Contact Details:
  •  Ph: +65 9821 6091
  • Email:
Working Hours:
  • Monday – Saturday:12 pm – 8 pm

3. Louvre Bridal

Louvre Bridal
Credits: Louvre Bridal

Nesting a passionate team where every member dedicates their time to figure out the ways of creating raw, intimate moments that live forever, Louvre Bridal is indeed one of the best wedding photographers in Singapore. Whether you speak of capturing moments within a still frame or from the ones in motion, invoking vivid memories and all forms of ever-existing emotions is possible thanks to the fascinating services of Louvre Bridal.

Contact Details:
  • WhatsApp: 88780918
  • Email:
Working Hours:
  • Monday – Friday: 11 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm

4. Two Gather Pictures

Two Gather Pictures
Credits: Two Gather Pictures

We do love the services offered by “Two Gather Pictures,” and when it is about wedding photography, the team doesn’t disappoint even a bit. A quick talk with the professionals will help you understand how they can turn your special day into a visual storytelling component and preserve the same for years. Scroll through their website and understand what makes them one of the best photographers in Singapore.

Speaking of the wedding scene, you might also want to revamp the looks of your house real quick by installing some captivating lights. For that, make sure you have a look at the 10 best lighting stores in Singapore. But do that once you’ve got the desired photographer sorted from the list of the best wedding photographer in Singapore.

Contact Details:
  • Phone: +65 9680 9353
Working Hours:
  • Monday – Friday: 10 am –7 pm

Final Words

And that’s pretty much it. Here, we’ve uncovered the best wedding photographer in Singapore. Everyone is different in their own genre but one thing that sits common is quality. Get in touch with the most preferred option and assure that ” your special day” lives young forever.