20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)

Are you planning to have an unforgettable and exciting birthday celebration with your friends?

Wondering what things to do for your birthday or even which place?

Well, look no further! 

We are here to help you! 

From amazing adventures in the sun, brilliant birthday celebration ideas to cool calm charades, there is something for everyone!

If you’ve ever wondered where to celebrate your birthday in Singapore, and what to do then this post is for you.

 Are you ready to discover the best birthday places to celebrate your birthday party in Singapore?

Let’s get started.

Birthday Places in Singapore

Here’s the list:

1. Hyperspace – Neon Combat Archery

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: Hyperspace Singapore

Enjoy the thrill of stepping into an extra dimension with Hyperspace. With over 20 different activities that you can choose from, your party can go all night long! 

This spectacular new event space Singapore launched in 2019 can hold about 150 pax. 

This makes it an excellent choice for hosting a gigantic birthday party Singapore bash.

In addition, Hyperspace comes equipped with a Karaoke set, poker set, Nintendo switch, and many more fun facilities to make your birthday celebration THAT special.

Looking for an awesome package deal?  Choose one or more of The Fun Empire’s team-based games such as Combat Archery Tag, Laser Tag, Poolball, and many… many more. These fun family-friendly games start from $15/pax which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

The crème de la crème of Hyperspace is the ambience. We recommend trying the Neon Combat Archery Tag package which gives you the adrenaline rush that screams FUN! Dodge the neon-lit arrows, dive for cover, and notch your bows! With a birthday party like this, you will be the talk of the town!

Price: Venue starting from $50/hr, Activities from $15/hr

Venue: 91A Lavender Street Singapore 338719

Opening Hours: Contact them for more details

Telephone: 8769 1955

Website:  https://www.hyperspace.sg

Email: hello@hyperspace.sg

2. Sentosa – Ifly

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: Sentosa.com

Skydiving–an extreme sport that is on the bucket lists of many, but how many dare to take the literal leap of faith?

Fret not because the State of Fun packs all the adrenaline and experience of skydiving and delivers it into a unique indoor experience.

 Ifly allows you to experience the conditions of a real skydive in true free-fall conditions without needing to jump out of a plane.

How cool?

Dive into the only indoor skydiving event space in Singapore and experience skydiving at a fraction of its cost.

Depending on the birthday party Singapore package that you choose, you can enjoy multiple skydives if you are feeling fancy. 

Bust out some moves in your subsequent dives. No need to fly a plane or earn a license, experience indoor skydiving right now on our sunny island Singapore. 

Heck, yeah sign me up!

Price: Starting from $89/session

Venue:  iFly Singapore, 43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01 Singapore 099010

Opening Hours: Check the website for details

Telephone: 6571 0000 

Website:  https://www.iflysingapore.com/

Email: info@iflysingapore.com.

3. East Coast Park, Laser Tag

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)

East Coast Park, is one of the common birthday party venues synonymous with cycling, rollerblading, BBQs, and all the other classic ‘park stuff’. All this open space and trees look like the place to have a perfect… picnic? NO. 

THE PERFECT BATTLE! Laser Tag Singapore will bring the guns and the vests and the referees, you just bring your friends.

Up your birthday party Singapore game with the ultimate competition! Team up and laser tag suit-up with your friends in an exciting game of strategy and cunning! Laser Tag Singapore can bring the equipment anywhere and you decide where the battle takes place.

Thinking about it? The laser tag Singapore game starts at $15/pax, a small price to pay for the endless possibilities of fun.

Price: Venue is Free

Venue:  E Coast Park Service Rd

Opening Hours: Contact Laser Tag Singapore for more details

Telephone: 6515 4146 / 6816 1998

Website:  https://tagteaminc.sg/

Email: hello@thefunempire.com

4. Hyperspace Studio Singapore – Video Games

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: Hyperspace

Equipped with the latest consoles and games, there is a wide variety of games you can choose from at this event space in Singapore. 

Slice through foes (or your friends) with your energy sword in Halo or take turns to burn the kitchen to serve up frantic orders of delicious delicacies in Overcooked. There is something for everyone.

Have a gamer friend? Put this event space in Singapore on your list of birthday surprise ideas for your family members, or friends’ next birthday party in Singapore.

If you are feeling bored with washing dishes in Overcooked (or your friend is just horrible at it) and wish to change to another game, do so at no charge! Play unlimited games and rounds within your session. 

What a FUN birthday celebration!

Not a video gaming fan? You can also choose the board games package to have hours and hours of fun. 

Price: Starting from $6/hr/pax

Venue: 91A Lavender Street, Singapore 338719

Opening Hours: Opens 24 hours (bookings are accepted every day)

Telephone: 8769 1955

Website: https://www.hyperspace.sg

Email: hello@hyperspace.sg

5. Holey Moley – Mini Golf

Holey Moley Golf
Source: Little Day Out

Golfing is an expensive sport that most of us might not even think of trying in our lifetime. 

Buuut… shrink that into an indoor air-conditioned event space Singapore with a bar, and hey presto! 

You will have the coolest birthday party in Singapore.

Head over to the newest Mini golf venues at one of the hottest locations in Singapore, Holey Moley Clark Quay.  

Swing your way through Holey Moley’s golfing range with at least 20 holes and if you ever get tired, just walk over to the on-site bar for a quick refreshment! 

Don’t be distracted by the fancy lights and drinks, follow the markings closely and enter from a Flintstones-themed hole to the skyline of Singapore.

Didn’t think about this as one of the birthday party places in Singapore to consider, did you?

 Continue reading for better birthday surprise ideas for your next birthday party in Singapore!

Price: Starting from $20/pax

Venue:  3B River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024

Opening Hours: Contact Holey Moley for more details

Telephone: 3129 0000

Website:  https://www.holeymoley.com.sg/

Email: NIL

6. Art Jamming

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: fun empire shop

A picture paints a thousand words. And with this activity as one of your birthday surprise ideas, you won’t disappoint.

 Express yourself and explore the artistic side of you in The Fun Empire’s Art Jamming Sessions. Garner oohs and aahs from your friends as you dazzle them with your fantastic art skills. 

Imagine having an arts & craft session for your birthday party in Singapore! Set your creative juices to flow freely.

Even if you aren’t artistically inclined, fear not. Just pick up a brush and surprise yourself. 

Scratch that artsy itch with art jamming for those artsy and crafty friends or even add on giant board games to bring back the nostalgia from your school days.

Need something more than just regular paint? 

A special edge to complete that masterpiece in your mind? Opt for the Neon Art Jamming Package! 

Watch your brush strokes come to life with glow-in-the-dark paints and neon colours. 

Come in neon-coloured clothes as well to bring the funk to the birthday party in Singapore! Starting from $21/pax, choose from painting on a canvas and a tote bag to show off your creation!

Price: Activity starts from $21/pax, inclusive of FREE use of the venue at The Fun Empire for the session

Venue:  5B Guillemard Road, Level 3 Wing Fong Building, Singapore 399685

Opening Hours: 9 am – 10 pm daily

Telephone: 6515 4146/ 6816 1998

Website: artjamming.sg

7. Singapore Botanic Gardens – Picnic

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: Cnn.com

Leave your worries and celebrate your birthday party in Singapore with a calming walk among nature. 

 It is the perfect place to get some rest and relaxation.

With breath-taking flowers and greenery, consider Singapore’s First UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Singapore Botanic Gardens as one of your go-to birthday party venues! 

Ease the tension that comes from life stress and lay down a picnic mat, unpacks some sandwiches and relaxes amongst nature.

If chill vibes amongst mother nature is what you’re looking for, hold your next birthday party in Singapore at this event space Singapore.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens also hosts a variety of exhibitions that might just pique your interest. 

Check out their website for their monthly guided tours and exhibitions that will definitely make your birthday celebration experience a wholesome one.

Price: Free

Venue:  1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569

Opening Hours: 5 am to 12 midnight daily

Telephone: 1800 471 7300

Website: https://www.nparks.gov.sg/sbg

Email: nparks_sbg_visitor_services@nparks.gov.sg

8. Sandbox – Virtual Reality

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: CNET.com

Here is another birthday party Singapore event space Singapore to add to your list of birthday surprise ideas. 

Did someone say VR? VR Games? Roll up your sleeves, put on your combat gear, and get ready for a battle in another dimension!

Enter the virtual world together with six friends to survive a zombie horde or explore the far reaches of outer space for your next birthday celebration. 

Be untamed in this new world. 

Unlike other VR outlets, Sandbox allows you to roam free without being hindered by those pesky wires. 

Experience the awe and excitement of exploring a whole new world with your friends but do be careful not to bump into them! 

Bookmark this event space Singapore now as one of your go-to birthday party venues! 

We promise a birthday party Singapore blast!

Price: Contact Sandbox VR for more details

Venue:  181 Orchard Road, #05-31 Orchard Central, 238896

Opening Hours: Contact Sandbox VR for more details

Telephone: 9832 5988

Website: https://sandboxvr.com/singapore/

Email: NIL

9. K Star – Karaoke

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)

Unleash your inner diva and sing to your heart’s content at a karaoke bar with no limit to the number of songs! Have you been keeping your singing talent a secret?

 Your next and upcoming birthday party in Singapore is the perfect chance to spread your wings!

KStar could be one of your next birthday party venues! If you wish to sing only the chorus and skip it after? 

Do it! You do you! It’s your birthday celebration!

Instead of plain old black leather seats of any other karaoke bar, enjoy the luxury of having your own themed room! 

Whatever the occasion, including a birthday party in Singapore, sing your hearts out in a room that makes you comfortable and light up the night with your voice!

With a VIP room option, spoil yourself as you sing to the latest hits. Snacks and drinks can be ordered from their in-house kitchen so the party will never have to stop!

Price: Starting from $20/hr/room

Venue:  181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #05-01, K.Star Karaoke, 238896

Opening Hours: Contact K.Star for more details

Telephone: 9171 1588

Website: https://www.kstar.com.sg/

Email: NIL

10. Futsal Pitches – Bubble Bump

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: Bubble football Budapest

Are you a fan of bumper cars, but don’t want the hassle of finding a carnival just to ride one? Why not try the next best thing! 

Charge head-on into your friends with a protective bubble that marries soccer and bumper cars together!

Choose any birthday party venues for this activity. For instance, futsal pitches! Bubble Bump is a great way to get on your feet and enjoy a birthday celebration with friends and family. Dare to be different? 

Try this at any event space in Singapore! 

Just contact Bubble Soccer Singapore for more details.

Try to score against your friends while bumping and bobbing around! Dive to save goals with no fear! Tackle your opponents by bumping them away! Bubble Bump Singapore prices start from $15/pax.

Price: Futsal Pitches starting from $60/hr, Bubble Bump starting from $15/pax

Venue: Contact Bubble Soccer Singapore for more details

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

Telephone: 6515 4146/ 6816 1998

Website: https://www.bubblebump.sg/

Email: bookings@bubblebump.sg

11. Adventure Cove – Water Park

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: Tripadvisor

Whether you like a slow swim, lazing in the sun or speeding down water slides, there is something for everyone at Sentosa’s Adventure Cove Waterpark

With over 10 unique rides and attractions, you will be bored! Adventure Cove is one of the go-to birthday party places! 

This event space in Singapore is more than just water slides and rubber floats – it brings a whole new meaning to adventure.

Experience the magic of discovery by getting up close with nature’s majestic sea creatures. 

With Adventure Cove’s Special Experiences, you get to experience swimming with sharks, trekking in the sea, and playing with rays. It is one of the perfect birthday ideas in Singapore! 

Price: Starting from $38/adult

Venue: 8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269

Opening Hours: 10 am – 5 pm Daily

Telephone: 6515 4146/ 6816 1998

Website: https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/attractions/adventure-cove-waterpark

Email: enquiries@rwsentosa.com

12. Camping – Glamping City

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: planetofhotels

Love the outdoors?

 Look no further because Glamping is one of the perfect birthday places for you! Spend the night under the stars in comfort and peace with your very own tents equipped with comfy beds and comforts that you enjoy!

Experience camping without any hassle with Glamping City’s premier packages! 

Whether you are looking for a unique couple’s getaway or a family gathering, Glamping City has tents that will suit your needs. 

For a truly unique birthday celebration experience, try Glamping!

Can’t afford their premier packages? Other birthday surprise ideas you could try are having an only friend’s picnic birthday celebration or a couple of picnics birthday celebrations! 

Put Glamping city in your birthday party venues list of birthday surprise ideas today.

Price: Birthday Celebration Packages start from $280

Venue: East Coast Park Area G

Opening Hours: Contact Glamping City for more details

Telephone: 9651 1114

Website: https://www.glampingcity.com/

Email: booking@glampingcity.com

13. Condo Function Room – Kaboom

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: Singapore property website

Functions rooms at Community Centers and Condominiums are great for a private and cosy birthday celebration for a small group of close friends. 

Instead of creating small talk with everyone, why not have a game that is able to engage about 20 people at the same time!

Starting from $20/pax, KABOOM is a newly developed game by The Fun Empire to ignite a lot of fun and laughter among your guests. 

Your objective is to collect as many items as possible in just 5 minutes! Blindfold a friend to navigate through a maze of various useful and harmful items. 

With the help of your own team, come up with code words to direct them to pick up the correct items. Be careful not to be distracted by your opponent’s instructions!

Contact The Fun Empire to play this game for your next birthday celebration.

Price: Contact your preferred event space Singapore for more details

Venue:  Contact your preferred event space Singapore for more details

Opening Hours: Contact your preferred event space Singapore for more details

Telephone: Contact your preferred event space Singapore for more details

14. Fort Canning Park – Outdoor Movie

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: The honey combers

Imagine good food, excellent wine, and good company. Now with the bonus of catching your favourite films, Films-at-the-fort, Singapore’s Premier Open-Air 

Cinema is the top event space in Singapore and birthday party venues to go! Celebrate this birthday celebration with a twist! 

Catch the latest releases and the timeless classics at Fort Canning Park! 

Be sure to get your tickets fast because these shows sell out fast! Experience cinema and dining, reinvented!

As one of your birthday surprise ideas, you could get your closest friend a ticket to experience her birthday celebration in this unique event space in Singapore.

Price: Contact Films at the fort for more details

Venue: Fort Canning Park

Opening Hours: Contact Films at the fort for more details

Telephone: Nil

15. K Bowling Club – Cosmic Bowling

K bowling
Source: Smart Local

Bowl amongst the cosmos as Kbowling guide brings up the fun in Cosmic Bowling

Celebrate your birthday by mowing down pins and scoring strikes. Sharpen your skills, choose your teammates as you engage in a friendly competition of bowling. 

You will have a good time bowling!

The Fun Empire can save you the hassle of ordering food as well. Give them a call with your requirements and they will come up with a program just for you.

Price: Starting from $17/pax

Venue: Contact The Fun Empire for more details

Opening Hours: 9 am–10 pm daily

Telephone: +65 67375313

Website: https://kbowlingclub.com/

Email: booking@kbowlingclub.com

16. Function Room – Mcdonalds

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: little day out

Regardless of age, you can also throw such a party to bring back all the fond memories that you had while chilling in a Mcdonald’s during your school days. 

You will also receive a surprise gift when you book your party, so what are you waiting for? 

Surprise yourself with a McDonald’s Birthday Party! Their party professionals will do all the planning

Price: Contact Mcdonald’s for more details

Venue:  Various locations around Singapore

Opening Hours: Contact McDonald’s for more details

Telephone: Contact Your McDonald’s Outlet for more details

Website: https://www.mcdonalds.com.sg/celebrate-with-us/birthday-parties/

17. Chalet – Giant Board Games

D resort
Source: D’Resort

Hosting a chalet is one of the many popular activities people choose as their birthday celebration. 

More often than not, finding things to do during the chalet can be head-scratching and a pain.

Why not spice up your chalet with some Giant Board Games from The Fun Empire?

With at least 8 different old-school games like Giant Jenga, Giant Airplane Chess, and Uno, bring out the Retro Vibes and make everything BIGGER! 

Prices for the Giant Board Games will start from $8/pax, enquiry with the friendly staff at The Fun Empire to know more!

Price: Contact your preferred chalet for more details. For Giant Board Games, contact The Fun Empire

Venue:  Various locations around Singapore

Opening Hours: Contact your preferred chalet for more details

Telephone: Contact your preferred chalet for more details

18. ORTO – Prawning

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: the smart local

Head over to Singapore’s largest prawning facility to catch your next meal. 

With 10 ponds filled with big head prawns and yabbies’, you could choose this activity at any time of the day since it is 24 hours.

Once you are satisfied with your loots, use their electric grills on their premises to cook them up and munch away. The best part? It’s free!

Ready for a unique birthday party? Call them up to book 1 pond to yourself now!

Price: Starting from $20 for 1 Hour

Venue:  #01-09 81 Lorong Chencharu, 769198

Opening Hours: 24 hours daily.

Telephone: 6257 8858

Website: http://orto.sg/activities/prawning-at-orto/

Email: prawning@orto.sg

19. West Coast Park – BBQ

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: little day out

When you think of a place for a BBQ party, most people would naturally think of East Coast Park. Those in the west would dread the travel time to get there and by the time they do, they will be too hungry to do anything!

Well, how about going to a park nearer to you instead with the same experience? 

You could book a BBQ pit in West Coast Park instead. “Play Centre in the West” consists of 6 play spaces that would definitely bring wide smiles to guests of all ages!

Booking a BBQ pit nearby is as easy as 1,2,3! You could either head to the nearest AXS station, call up their friendly hotline or through the internet in the comfort of your home.

Price: $12 – $20/ pit

Venue:  71 West Coast Highway

Opening Hours: 12 pm – 4 am

Telephone: 6560 2727

20. The Karting Arena – Go Kart

20 Best Birthday Places And Ideas In Singapore (2022)
Source: Trip advisor

F1 only comes once a year but that doesn’t mean that you can’t race to your heart’s content.

With providers like The Karting Arena, it allows doing just that! 

With Singapore’s first electric go-kart track, you could surpass your friends at lightning speed. Conquer that curve with drift and avoid your friends’ sly moves and emerge victoriously!

Experience the adrenaline rush today and be the fastest racer at your birthday party!

Price: Starting from $25/ session

Venue:  200 Turf Club Road, #01-01B. The Grandstand, South Car Park Singapore, 287994

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10 am – 9 pm)

Telephone: 96276771

Website: https://www.thekartingarena.com/

Email: contact@thekartingarena.com

Excited to head over to all the above locations for your next birthday celebration? 

Plan the perfect Singapore birthday party by choosing among the list of birthday party venues! You know what they say: The early bird always catches the worm!

Contact the event space Singapore of your choice today. We recommend Hyperspace and Singapore experience as the go-to birthday party venues and event space in Singapore.