Get Ready For Singapore’s First Green Pet Fair, Happening  from 14-15 October 2023!

Get Ready For Singapore’s First Green Pet Fair, Happening  from 14-15 October 2023!

While sustainability has become a prominent theme in various sectors in Singapore, the pet nutrition and care domain has remained relatively untouched by this trend. However, PetCubes, a significant player in Singapore’s pet nutrition industry, is about to change that with the announcement of Singapore’s inaugural Green Pet Fair (GPF), scheduled for the 14th and 15th of October 2023 at Life Sprouts @ Punggol Container Park. GPF is a collaborative effort between PetCubes and City Sprouts, with support from environmentally conscious partners such as Ugly Foods, SoyNergy (NUS), and Ento Industries (DBS). Through this initiative, PetCubes aims to underscore its commitment to sustainability and promote eco-conscious practices tailored for pets and their owners.

Promoting Sustainability for Pets and Pet Parents

GPF’s primary mission is to raise awareness about the environmental impact of traditional pet care practices and inspire pet owners to adopt more sustainable approaches. The festival will focus on holistic wellness, eco-conscious tips, social responsibility, and support for local initiatives, all designed to enhance the well-being of pets and families. The event will feature a diverse range of activities, including fairs with stalls for both humans and pets to shop at, scheduled programming, workshops, hands-on activities, and even a sunset picnic.

Launch of PetCubes’ Sustainable Formula

At the heart of the GPF is PetCubes’ newest Sustainable Formula, a dog food made using Black Soldier Fly Larvae from local start-up Ento Industries as its primary source of protein. Scientific studies have demonstrated the feasibility of insect protein for various animals, including dogs and cats. Insects boast three times more protein than beef and double the protein content of spinach. They also contain 10% more Vitamin B12 than salmon and fermentable fiber that boosts gut health. The formula also includes Okara, a by-product of the tofu-making process that contains mostly fiber. SoyNergy has been able to ferment this fiber, transforming it into a high-quality protein infused with gut health-boosting probiotics.

Formulated by Dr. Francis Cabana of PetCubes, this groundbreaking sustainable formula is poised to revolutionize the pet food industry by placing environmental considerations at the forefront. The collaboration between PetCubes and local partners has demonstrated the potential to nourish pets while preserving the Earth’s ecosystem. Notably, this formula is built upon three pillars that epitomize the essence of sustainable excellence, while meeting international AAFCO nutrient standards for adult dogs. By incorporating insect-based protein, this formula not only breaks new ground but also introduces a natural and fresh food format, marking a pioneering step in the industry.

1. Local Sourcing: PetCubes’ commitment to supporting local produce extends to every facet of their formula. With 100% of the main ingredients in this diet being from local sources, their approach not only champions sustainability but also guarantees the freshness and longevity of food like kale, spinach, and barramundi oil.

2. Fighting Food Waste: Partnering with Ugly Foods, PetCubes takes a proactive stance against food waste, ingeniously repurposing surplus and imperfect produce into pet food that aligns with eco-friendly principles. The ingredients salvaged from this endeavour include rice bran, duck liver, pumpkin, broccoli, and an array of other rescued components, effectively substituting items that would otherwise contribute to landfills.

3. Innovative Proteins: PetCubes embraces alternative protein sources such as bacilli-fermented Okara, lentils, and ground black soldier fly larvae. These sources boast significantly lower carbon footprints compared to conventional beef, pork, and chicken protein. The innovative use of these larvae exemplifies their remarkable ability to convert organic waste into valuable protein, doing so with a notably reduced demand on resources in comparison to traditional livestock-based protein production. Insects are also an excellent source of amino acids and minerals for dogs.

By focusing on these three aspects, PetCubes can produce a sustainable dog food that approximately produces 6.4 times fewer greenhouse gases than dog food made with beef, 2.1 times fewer greenhouse gases than dog food made with chicken, and 12 times less land used for dog food made with beef.

Within the scope of GPF, DBS will unveil an integration with the Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) dog shelter, which will be part of their LiveBetter platform. This collaboration speaks to DBS’s dedication to enhancing animal welfare in Singapore. Furthermore, the LiveBetter platform’s innovative initiative allows users of the DBS banking app to contribute directly to the shelter by purchasing discounted dog food.

The event will showcase socially responsible products and companies, eco-friendly products, locally made products, and even sustainability projects such as upcycling used papers. Attendees can also look forward to unique activities like dog yoga, hands-on workshops on composting and terrariums, and evening picnics by the park.

Through GPF, PetCubes envisions a future where pet care, nutrition, and environmental stewardship coexist harmoniously. The festival reflects this vision, uniting progressive partners, forward-thinking technologies, and passionate pet owners in a shared mission toward a greener future. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of Singapore’s first Green Pet Fair and contribute to a more sustainable world for our beloved pets and the planet.

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