PetCubes Revolutionises Pet Health with Launch of Veterinary Support Diet Range

PetCubes Revolutionises Pet Health with Launch of Veterinary Support Diet Range

In a significant breakthrough for the pet food industry, PetCubes, the leading innovator in fresh pet food, has introduced a revolutionary product line, the ‘Veterinary Support Diet’ range. This new lineup is designed to aid in the therapy and well-being of dogs with specific health conditions, including kidney disease, cancer, pancreatitis, and digestive issues.

This development is trialled with Temasek Polytechnic and is hailed as an effective alternative to traditional speciality diets. Formulated by Dr Francis Cabana, the Director of Nutrition at PetCubes, the Veterinary Support Diet range offers four meticulously designed fresh diets:

  1. Ketogenic Diet – Beneficial for dogs suffering from cancer, diabetes, and epilepsy, it supports ketone energy metabolism and nourishes the immune system.
  1. Renal Support Diet – Crafted for dogs with declining kidney function, it features high-quality protein, low phosphorus and sodium levels, and high potassium content.
  1. Pancreas Support Diet – Developed for dogs with pancreatitis, this easily digestible, low-fat diet is controlled in soluble carbohydrates and supplemented with digestive enzymes.
  1. Digestive Support Diet – Tailored for dogs with sensitive digestive systems and chronic diarrhoea, this diet has a novel protein source and highly soluble fibres to support gut health.

While meeting the AAFCO’s internationally recognised nutrient requirement standards, these diets are uniquely characterised by their human consumption grade ingredients, lack of fillers, and a diverse range of proteins, including beef, chicken, pork, and kangaroo meats.

PetCubes employs state-of-the-art blast freezing technology to preserve the bioavailability of proteins and micronutrients, ensuring the quality and freshness of meals. Moreover, the company demonstrates its commitment to environmental conservation by utilising kerbside recyclable packaging.

PetCubes upholds its commitment to safety and transparency with their Veterinary Support Diets. These diets are prepared at an Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) approved facility, guaranteeing adherence to rigorous standards. Using high-speed machines and high barrier seals, each meal is individually packed and sealed, ensuring optimal freshness and quality.

In line with their dedication to pet health, PetCubes exclusively distributes the Veterinary Support Diets through licensed veterinarians. Before purchase, pet owners are required to consult with veterinarians and provide the dog’s latest blood reports for a thorough assessment. This ensures that the prescribed diet aligns with the specific needs of the dog and supports their recovery effectively. By maintaining strict safety protocols and fostering transparency, PetCubes continues to provide pet owners with peace of mind, knowing that their beloved companions are receiving the highest quality nutrition tailored to their individual health requirements.

The introduction of this Veterinary Support Diet range by PetCubes marks a significant advancement in pet health, offering a fresh, nutritious alternative to traditional speciality diets. It emphasises the importance of catering to dogs’ specific health needs while ensuring the highest safety and quality standards.

PetCubes’ Veterinary Support Diets are available exclusively through licensed veterinarians and are not sold directly without prescription. Pet owners can find a list of veterinary partners on PetCubes’ website and consult with them to determine the most suitable diet for their dog’s health condition. The veterinary partners may require a consultation or review of the dog’s latest blood reports to ensure the diets are appropriate and can support their recovery.

The Veterinary Support Diet range will be available from 4 July 2023. For more information, please visit